Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tall Tips

A lot of people look up to me.
Im 6 foot one (or 5 foot 11 1/2 shhh) so I naturally stand out.
I get a lot of this:

"Wow, how tall are you? You must be like 5 foot 8!" (?really?)
"Are you a model?"
"How tall are your parents?" ***Im taller than both my parents by the way***

But I think the most common remark is this:
"I wish I was your height!"

After hearing this at work several times tonight (and a million times over the course of my life...where I have been THAT tall chick in the middle, of the back row, of your class picture since pre-School) I have decided to once and for all write a post on the pros and cons of being abnormally tall for a woman.

Lets starts with the good stuff (Pros):

--You stand out/grab peoples attention/attract looks (TALL TIP: Ignore the stares by ignoring your peripheral vision if it bothers you...other wise soak it all up with a smile).
--You can potentially model (who doesn't want to be a Victoria Secret model)
--You are "different" in not the average human height for your gender (Ive been told that for some reason it's cool to be different and "other-worldly" looking. Huh.)
--Sometimes you feel special, one-of-a-kind...Im sure there's one thing about yourself that sets you apart from the rest that you love too:).
--You can play Basketball! Volleyball! Tennis! (However I will never play field hockey again...tiny stick=bent back).
--You can marry Chris Bosh! (He's 6 foot 10!...Im kidding though...No but really he's such a nice guy).
--Some guys love the tall lanky kind! (And usually their the shorter guys. Huh.)
--Apparently we wear clothes well. (See: VS model).
--You can pull of ballet flats. So can any other girl but I feel like flats were just MADE for tall girls to help us feel shorter and cuter and still fashionable?
--Ok I'm running out of good stuff...

And let's end with the bad (sounds like such a horrible word...more like lets end with the not-so-good stuff (Cons)

--You get asked how tall you are. (And if you play basket ball...see above Pros). A lot. (Good ice breaker? Flattery? I dunno, depends how you take it I guess. Doesn't bother me too much anymore...kinda funny how curious people are though).
--If you are kinda shy (can be) there is no way to hide. You can't shrink 4 inches. (So be glad you can wear shoes that make you grow instantly!)
--You can't wear heels. I mean I sometimes wear heels to the club if I want to scare away people (haha kinda kidding, kinda not) but if you want to wear cute heels that match your outfit while you go shopping (for example), you WILL grab peoples attention. If that's what you're going for...accomplished. Just don't expect to shop discreetly if you know what I mean.
--Guys run. Guys are intimidated. Guys question their masculinity/ego. (True life).
--There are not many tall guys on this planet. Average male height: 5 foot 10. (Im marrying a basket ball player... I can feel it).
--Pants/shirts/skirts are never long enough. (I don't care if there is a "long leg" store. Tried it once and still had to pay extra for a million alterations. No point either way).
Ex. My friend and I have the same dress. It is a mini on me and a long dress on her. My friend and I have a cute top. I wear it as a shirt, my friend wears it as a shirt dress. My friend and I have the same pair of jeans. Mine look like 1990's flood/cropped pants and her look sexy, date-night jeans. ETC Huh.
--Ok I feel super negative right now listing all of the cons



There are pros and cons to everything (duh).
But you can't change the body you were born with.
You have to work with it, embrace it, flaunt it and love it.
If you have to adjust your dating be it.
If you have to fake it.
Fake it till you make it.
Stand tall, smile, ooze confidence.
Confidence intimidates those who lack it.
True story. (That one day I'll spill).

Im starting to sound like a university motivational poster sale.

I have a love/hate relationship with my height.
But I can't imagine myself being any other way:)

Im going to use my height to my day you'll see... Im going to be...
The Will Be Celina